Our Per Load Plan:

If you don't need to have our help all the time or are maybe just starting out, this plan might be for you. You get the same benefits of Our Basic Service Plan, just on a per load basis.

The cost of this plan is a flat rate of $50.00 per load paid at the time of the service performed.

Our Services

To better fit the basic needs of our clients, we have come up with three different service plans. If needed we also have the ability to come up with a service plan that would better fit your company freight needs.  ‚ÄčNeed some additional services not listed, let us know, can can up with a service package that better fits your needs.

Our Basic Service Plan:

This plan is by far the most popular.  It gives you unlimited freight matching for either Regional or Over The Road type freight.  (at this time we do not handle local operations). This plan is based on a per month/per truck type operation.  Included with this plan is:

  • Locate the best possible freight to fit you and your company needs.
  • We will review all of your options with you or your designated point of contact.
  • Verify credit worthiness of broker/shipper with you and if you are using a Factoring Company will make sure they are approved.
  • Handle all necessary paperwork including ordering necessary insurance certificates.
  • Will get the confirmation over to you ASAP and will go over all details with you or your driver.
  • Will send a digital file of all the paperwork handled for the load if you request. Otherwise we keep a copy on file.
  • Will go to work on securing your next load.
  • Our goal is to keep your down time to a minimum.

The cost of this plan is a flat rate of $425.00 per month or $100.00 weekly paid in advance.

Our Paperwork Only Plan:

This plan is set up for those of you who wish to secure your own freight, but do NOT want to have to take the time to handle the paperwork for the load.

  • You put is in contact with the broker, and here is what we do.
  • Double check credit worthiness of the broker you are wishing to be set up with
  • Handle all the necessary paperwork like with our other plan.

The cost of this service is: $20.00 per load or a flat rate of $200.00 per month.