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RK Truck Dispatch LLC
16432 Midland Blvd #73 Nampa, ID 83687
Phone: 208-650-4562
About US
About US

​​ We try to keep things simple!  You our customer will establish a Company   Profile that we will use in locating the BEST POSSIBLE matches for you. The   more information given to us, the better our search results will be. We will   then  advise you of the BEST POSSIBLE freight available for you. Above ALL   remember YOU have the FINAL approval.  We also will NOT charge you for   any load that falls out if NOT your fault for the cancellation. The most   important part of this process of COMMUNICATION between all parties     involved. 

 Here is the process:

  • Since we already know of your location, we start checking our load board  availability and with our network of Broker Agents.

  • We then will review all options available that meet or exceed your  company  requirements.

  • Once an agreed rate is in place, we will then handle all necessary  paperwork including obtaining your Insurance Certificate, Agreements,  Credit Check.

  • Make sure either you or your driver has all the necessary information so  the load can be picked up.

  • Get a copy of the rate confirmation over to you for invoicing purposes. 

  • We maintain a completed copy of all Broker/Carrier Agreement packages  for the loads you haul. We can also forward a copy to you should you  request it.

  • We then start the process on searching for your next load once you are  confirmed loaded.

 We do this for either a Flat Monthly Rate or on a Per Load Basis.  We can also   if needed handle your basic invoicing needs for a small additional fee.

 There isn't a lot of rocket science in the process.  The key is GOOD   COMMUNICATION between everyone involved.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.  We do have the   ability of creating a special package for you on an individual basis. Every   carrier's needs are different.  Give us the chance to come up with a plan that   can work for you.

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About US
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