Very simple. You the trucker will establish a company profile with us. This profile needs to be detailed. Your dispatcher will then locate all the best possible freight matches for you.

Here is the process:

  • Locate best possible freight matches.
  • Review all of your options with you.
  • Obtain the best possible rate for the load. Once approved by you.
  • Handle all necessary paperwork including ordering your insurance certificate.
  • Verify with your factoring company that the broker/shipper is approved if you factor.
  • Make sure you or your driver is dispatched with the proper information needed.
  • Get the rate confirmation to you.
  • Will maintain a copy of all broker set up packages and will email a copy to you should you request.
  • Then get to work on locating your next load.

We do this for either a Flat Monthly rate or on a per load basis.