Q: Do I have to have my own authority to use our services?.

 A: We do prefer that you have your own authority. However, if you don't and     the carrier you are leased on to or drive for, with written permission, we can   be of service.

 Q: Are we under obligation to accept any load that I am be offered?

  A: NO. We are NOT a forced dispatch operation. You the Owner of your   company is the final approval agent. For those of you whom hire drivers to

 run your equipment, it is up to you to decide of a driver has the right to refuse

 any loads.  We keep it REAL simple!

 Q: What type of equipment do you handle?

 A: Our client base consists of vans, reefers, flatbeds, step decks and       conestoga trailers.  We can work with Goose Neck Trailers

  Q: Do I have to have my own trailer?

  A: Yes.  If you wish to run as a Power Only, we can help.

  Q: Do I have to use your services all the time?

  A: Not at all. The only thing we ask is that you contact us to advise us the          truck is covered.  It saves a lot of time and keeps everyone on the positive         side.

  Q: I own a small trucking company, can you help?

  A: Yes. For multiple truck company's we will come up with a plan that works    for you. We have the ability to create almost any type of service plan for our

​  clients.


  Q: Is there any fees for cancelling out my account?

  A: NO - There are no penalties or time limits for cancelling your account. Our         Agreement just spells out everyone's responsibilities.  

  Please, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us directly.

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